Scripture reading
2 Kings 7:1-16

Father God, this year according to your word (Roman’s 8:37) I am more than a conqueror.

All prophecies of God over my life, my marriage, my ministry, my family, my children, prophecies over my health, my finances, etc all of God’s prophecies concerning me are coming to fulfilment.

They shall all come to pass!
I shall not lack any good thing.

I will not have to fight, I shall hold my peace because God has taken over all my battles.

This year, just as you put fear into the enemies of your people and they fled from their own territory just for prophecy to be fulfilled, o God, as I journey this year, choose your methods on how to give me the victories that I need, my part is to enjoy because I am more than a conqueror.

Father thank you for making me more than a conqueror.

This year, I shall enjoy valuables without stress.

I shall enjoy promotions by favour.

I shall enjoy things I didn’t qualify to have,
where people with great abilities and qualifications are denied, I shall be appointed.

What other people struggle to get shall happen for me with ease.

Pray the same prayers for your spouse, children, all your loved ones.

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