A fool is not an imbecile as many think.
A fool is not a retard.
A fool is not an illiterate.
A fool is not a poor man from a poor background.
We have fools in the university lecturing students.
We have many fools in Oil companies.
We have many fools in top Government offices.

Actually a learned fool is a more dangerous fool than an ignorant one.
And sadly some fools are in churches.

So who is a fool?

A fool is one that acts unwisely on a given occasion.
The scripture says a fool is stupid and wicked.
A fool is stubborn and unteachable.

Wisdom Comes from God.
The source of Wisdom is GOD.
Embrace His word and His Holy spirit today.
Don’t be foolish.. and try your best to distant yourself from foolish people.

You are blessed for life.

..Pst Charles Chukwuemezie

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