In the body of Christ, there will be a release of Delilah’s from the kingdom of darkness who will lure Samson’s and cut off their head…

Men of God, be alert. I saw the spirit that brought down the sons of Eli manifest…

MenĀ  on the altar but not called, preaching wrong doctrine, siphoning money from the congregation, Sleeping with the congregation, defiling the altar, changing the pattern of worship God has set, They shall face the wrath of God.

David’s will arise to bring down Goliaths.

God will raise Jeremiah’s to lament against the evil in the land, they shall not keep quite.

Gospel musicians in Nigeria should spend more time in their closet than rehearsing and they should hide under the covering of a local church.. The devil is angry with them.. They are creating a lot of havoc in the kingdom of darkness.

The Gospel music in Nigeria is gaining momentum.. All Gospel musicians should take note.

Non shall be lost to death in 2017 as they hearken to this prophecy.

Economy will not get better in 2017 but Graced and smart folks will prosper rampantly in Nigeria

I didn’t see any major problem in the middle East except pockets of usual bombings in Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen.

Europe and the USA are targets for Islamic terrorists but they will be resisted.

America will experience economic boost in 2017…

In Nigeria their will be improvement in infrastructures but that does not make any different economically..

The Government will sit up later because of the cry of the common man and they will try to improve