Scripture reading

2 Chronicles 20:1-25

As they gather, they scatter. 

Set confusion in the midst of my contenders. 

Let the meeting they organize against me turn around against them. 

Cause all of their plans to collapse upon them. 

Let my enemies begin to fight each other. 

As they fight against my children, my business, my family, my husband, my wife, as they fight against my ministry, my career, my source of finance, my connections or my possessions, contend with them. 

Isaiah 49:25

As you promised O God, contend with all who contend with me, preserve everything precious to me.

Whoever is contending with my loved ones, Father for my sake,  contend with them. 

Let them be put to shame. 

Isaiah 14:2

let their plans boomerang. 

Instead of me to go down, they go down! 

I possess my possessions. 

I will not loose a thing this year. 

I will not loose anyone this year. 

I bind every strongman contending for what is mine,

I bind every strongman contending for what belongs to God’s children in any nation of the world in the name of Jesus!

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