Today was our ordination and anointing service.
New leaders were ordained as senior pastors, pastors, campus pastors (pastors in training), ministers and stewards. We pray that the Lord who has called and equipped them will give them the grace to carry out their duties with humility and wisdom. Amen
The teaching by our papa, pastor Charles Chukwuemezie was on Leadership:

Leadership means to have charge over; it is not title consciousness but it is about responsibility.

Responsibility is what makes power meaningful. Power intoxicates if responsibility is not attached to it.
As a leader you must be accountable.

Leadership is primarily to influence people by godly examples.
As a leader more emphasis is placed on your character, your fruit, and not on power, signs or wonder.
Anointing and signs are free gifts but your character which are your fruits are developed.

Watch your life and doctrine.
Money and power are not the reasons for the call: People are the reason for the call. You must have heart for the people.

You must be prayerful
Be a man or woman of faith. Encourage the people to study and pray and that starts with you.

Preach only the gospel of Jesus. Don’t preach church, yourself or your pastor… Only Jesus.

Work together with your fellow pastors or ministers, don’t work in isolation. Working in isolation of others in your team is wrong.

Make sure your relationships are godly, cut off corrupt friends. Remember that evil communication corrupts good manners.

We appreciate everyone who came to witness this celebration, God bless you all.

You are Blessed for life. Amen







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